Hi there, I'm Deborah, the creator + romantic behind this one-girl band—Deborah Tseng Studio.

What started out as an expensive hobby (watercolor and calligraphy) in one hot summer in 2015 has since transformed into a passionate love for papers and the art of letterpress printing.

It was during my academic years in Korea between 2014-2015 when I suddenly realized how I have been walking through life with a belief that wasn’t truly mine.

With an urge to understand my real self, I embarked on a journey of paints and brushes, picking up the habit of creating only after abandoning it for more than a decade. Soon enough, my love for brush lettering led to the introduction of letterpress printing.

The process of creating by hand, reminded me of how beautiful it is to embrace imperfection and appreciate the uniqueness that comes with it. It is the human element, the tactile impression that breathes meaning into the things we create.

I’ve recently moved back to Taiwan with my husband and our cat where I continue to work as a freelance letterer while collaborating with a local letterpress printer to produce my own line of paper goods.

Occasionally, I also print from home for smaller projects with recycled materials.

You are welcomed to follow along my creative endeavors on Instagram, or get in touch with ideas for collaborations or projects!

I love talking about papers and printing. Let’s keep in touch:)

簡單寫字 Deborah Tseng Studio

Current favorite drink: Rosé
Current favorite Work Music: Robust Jazz Blend


會開始拿筆刷寫字, 是因為當年在韓國留學的生活實在鬱鬱寡歡, 深刻體會到原來自己長時間生活在別人為我建立的窠臼之中. 為了逃避現實, 開始拿筆跟顏料寫字, 意外獲得解放.

2015年與攝影師妹妹共同創作了一系列的文字肖像作品, 受到好評與鼓勵, 因此開始認真看待寫字這項創作. 接下來三年, 在泡菜國與蕃薯國之間往返, 持續進行各種結合手寫字的嘗試, 也透過訪談網誌的經營, 開始與台灣的創作者們慢慢有所連結.

其實, 創作是一種認識、體現自我的途徑, 而在摸索的過程之中, 原本對於水彩與軟筆字的繽紛熱愛, 漸漸轉為對凸版印刷及手工紙品的低調愛戀.

在講求量產、快速、精準的世界裡, 我偏要奢侈的放慢腳步琢磨細節, 享受不完美的獨特性. 因為, 需要時間去完成的事物,是那麼的精緻、美好.

最近終於帶著一隻貓和一隻老公,回到台灣. 會不會定居不知道, 也許我更嚮往南非的野生與遼闊. 但是接下來的每一天, 我都會繼續與我親愛的紙筆們, 一起為這個世界注入更多浪漫.

如果你想問問關於喜帖、書約設計, 品牌識別藝術字, 各種美的可以手寫的事物, 都歡迎跟我聯絡. 粉專IGEMAIL, 一定找得到我.

害羞的話, 這裡有表格給你填. 


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