Deborah Tseng Studio


Deborah Tseng

Deborah Tseng is an artist specializing in brush calligraphy and letterpress stationery. She works mostly from her studio based out of Taipei, Taiwan.

She believes that what we think and what we immerse ourselves in makes who we are. Everyone is unique, but the real question is, in what way?

With her belief in mind, combined with her history in abstract interpretation and research driven studies, she works closely with her clients one-on-one and turns each unique voice into visual aesthetics as well as tangible impressions.

By embracing the imperfection and uniqueness of hand-lettered words, her personal style reflects a warming and understated elegance. Along with her love for paper, she combines her flowing style of calligraphy with the art of letterpress printing and explore endless possibilities of paper to press.

When it comes to creating, she believes it is the human element, the tactile impression of what we do that breathes meaning into what we create.



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