Hi there, I'm Deborah, the creator + romantic behind this one-girl band—Deborah Tseng Studio.

What started out as an expensive hobby (watercolor and calligraphy) in one hot summer in 2015 has since transformed into a passionate love for papers and the art of letterpress printing.

During my academic stay in Korea between 2014-2018, I had a dramatic epiphany about how I have been walking through life under a belief that wasn’t truly mine.

With an urge to understand my real self, I embarked on a journey of paints and brushes, picking up the habit of creating after abandoning it for more than a decade.

The process of creating by hand, reminded me of how beautiful it is to embrace imperfection as well as a hint of uncertainty. It is the human element, the tactile impression that breathes meaning into the things we create.

I’ve recently moved back to Taiwan with my husband and our cat where I continue to work as a freelance letterer as well as collaborate with a local letterpress printer to produce my own line of paper goods.

Occasionally, I also print from home for smaller projects with recycled materials.

You can follow along my creative endeavors on Instagram, or get in touch with ideas for collaborations or projects! Let’s keep in touch:)


Deborah Tseng

Current favorite drink: Rosé
Current favorite Work Music: Robust Jazz Blend


Studio Scenes