Deborah Tseng


Free Calendar Download | July '18

I was trying to sort out my schedule for the summer a couple of weeks ago, and soon realized that my usual spread sheets were just not good enough for the job. I needed something that will allow me to look at my plans altogether at a glance, so I could get a gist of what's next.

I also know that I have no capacity for any misspelling or having to cross out wrong words when hand writing stuff (it's my pet peeve since I was a kid), so I needed something that will allow me to start over from scratch if I make mistakes.

It was then I decided to quickly whip out a monthly calendar and turn it into a digital file, so I can print as many copies as I want and start over as many times as I need. 

Maybe you're like me. So here's the calendar for you to write and print and print and write on. If you'd like it with more weight to it, simply print on card stock paper!

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Deborah Tseng July Calendar 2018