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活動紀錄:TUMI HOUSE 台北101 快閃店

TUMI HOUSE-Taipei 101 pop-up event-Deborah Tseng

I was very honored to have had the pleasure of creating custom luggage tags for one of the leading international business and travel lifestyle brand, TUMI, at their pop-up event at Taipei 101. It was lovely working with their team in Taiwan. The prep phase was quite intense, but it all built up to this beautiful day at 101 with all the enthusiastic participants.

I love working with a communicative team.

Being who I am, I could never produce work without knowing the historical details of who I am working with + the connection between them and what they are doing. That is why this experience with TUMI was extra memorable and note worthy because they were very informative and would always answer my follow-up questions with great details (even with questions that might have seem redundant or unnecessary to the eyes of others).

TUMI HOUSE-Taipei 101 pop-up event-Deborah Tseng

Before the event, I came up with three pre-designs for the tags inspired by their latest release. Maybe it was the researcher me kicking in, but the process of eliciting color themes and fundamental elements was something I really enjoyed.

Everything on the day of the event was wonderful. I got to create custom tags for 50 special guests (on-site!) and was very glad to find out that they were very happy with the result. Also, the fact that I got to work with acrylics during the entire time was very exciting.

Looking forward to future on-site opportunities and collaborations! Cheers to traveling smart + with style!












Thank you TUMI TAIWAN!

TUMI HOUSE-Taipei 101 pop-up event-Deborah Tseng
TUMI HOUSE-Taipei 101 pop-up event-Deborah Tseng
TUMI HOUSE-Taipei 101 pop-up event-Deborah Tseng

event photo credit: David,too

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