3 Online Hand Lettering Classes For Your Creative Boost


I work best with real brushes. Watercolor brushes to be specific. It was the very first tool I had when I started practicing lettering, and it's been my favorite tool ever since.

I started lettering roughly around two years ago, and I have gone a long way since. Back then I didn't know much about platforms like Skillshare or Creative Live. My only way of learning and practicing lettering was to model the works I like on Instagram.

After two years of exploring and dabbling around (while always holding on to my brushes), I now have a list of classes I think are perfect for whether if you just want to jump start your lettering journey, or if you're already working as a letter but want some creative boost:)

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Hand Lettering 101 with Annica Lydenberg

This was the very first online class I ever took when I first started exploring letter forms other than utilizing a brush. You get to learn about the different structures of different letter forms, and Annica goes through every single style with you step by step. Which is AWESOME.

I kept the practices I did with this class, and it's still great inspiration whenever I refer to it!

 My practice sheets from this class.

My practice sheets from this class.

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Vintage Hand-Lettering with Mary Kate McDevitt

I LOVE Mary Kate's style. She has other classes available On Skillshare, but this one was my personal favorite. In this class, you get to learn how Mary collects and studies her inspiration for vintage styles. It's really informative and will definitely give you a kick in your creativeness.

 My cat, oh and my mood board and sketches inspired by this class.

My cat, oh and my mood board and sketches inspired by this class.

 Finished piece of the quote "Punch Today in the Face". Now available as art print  HERE .

Finished piece of the quote "Punch Today in the Face". Now available as art print HERE.


Exploring Your Creative Style with Timothy Goodman

This is a total stress-free lettering class with the legendary Timothy Goodman, NY-based designer and illustrator + creator of many amazing passion projects. In this class, Timothy takes you through the progress of how to draw expressive alphabets with your own name, starting with a very lose warm up activity to set your tone and style for the final creation. 

No stress, just a marker and some papers.

I haven't got a final piece to share for this class yet, but I'll get to it:)

These three classes are my personal favorites when it comes to lettering styles that doesn't involve using a brush at all. I wanted to share it with you because I really enjoyed them and I definitely got something out of all of them! I hope you'll experience the same!

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Love, Deb