Freebie Tuesday: Download Your October Calendar

How is it October already? It's as if yesterday I was just excited about a brand new year ahead!

When I used to live in Taiwan, there was almost no such season as fall or spring. It was always summer, and maybe a few weeks of wet winter. Ever since I moved to Korea, fall has quickly became my favorite season, because Ginkgo leaves! (well, they're my favorite until the fruit starts to smell haha)

This year, I finally decided I'm happy enough with my designs to start putting out some nice things for you! If you're like me, you're always looking for something simple but to the point. This time, I got you covered. Just a few Ginkgo leaves to make your day! 

Download for your desktop HERE.

Download for your phones and tablets HERE.

Don't forget to tag me @encoursdesign #encoursdesign if you share your beautiful workspace featuring this design! (or if you borrowed your friend's phone to take a picture of your phone just because you want to, I know I do)

Love, Deb