Deborah Tseng

The Holiday Collection

Christmas Forest Deborah Tseng
Christmas Stripes Deborah Tseng
Golden Holiday Wreath Deborah Tseng

I'd tell my friends, "I don't need a reason to create, I just need Christmas."

It's true.

Christmas has been my favorite time of the year ever since I could remembering anything, even if Christmas in Taiwan doesn't mean winter wonderland. To me, it's about that tree I would always decorate with my little sister, that anxious feeling waiting for Santa's letter and to open the presents under the tree. It's about love, friendship, spending that extra quality time with people you care about (and care about you too), and telling them how much you appreciate them.

Sometimes it also means there's a good reason to go shopping on your own and not having to justify yourself haha.

This year, I wanted to celebrate Christmas by making things I love and sharing it with you. The Holiday Collection was born as a combination of my love for simplicity, watercolor, and of course, them trees! The Christmas Forest is to honor my precious memory decorating that tree in the living room when I was still a kid in Taiwan. I wish I could have more trees, I wish I had a forest of them! I wish you had a forest of them too!

The Christmas Stripe was created out of my strong desire to express my holiday spirit in the most simple way, with just red and green. The holiday wreath was painted and designed under the inspiration of modern wreaths with a different aesthetic to it.


Green Forest art print 


Blue Christmas art print


Bloody Christmas art print

Holiday Greeting Cards Deborah Tseng
Note Card-Trees-1.JPG

In addition to the holiday wreath, I also painted a protea wreath inspired by my South African Flora series.